Kaiser Wilhelm II in Norway

Norways first cruisetourist

William II was enthusiastic about Norway and Norwegian nature and the period before the First World War he traveled every summer on the so-called Nordlandfahrt, a mission with imperial yacht SMY “Hohenzollern” to the west coast and the west Norwegian fjords. Overall, he spent more than four years aboard SMY “Hohenzollern”.

When Ålesund burned down in 1904, the emperor was nearby. He organized help and donated large sums of money for reconstruction.

In 1913 he gave the place Vangsnes Sognefjord a giant statue of the Viking hero Fridtjof the Bold. William II was romantic fascinated by Vikings.

William was on 1 August 1888 appointed Grand Cross of the Order of St. Olav.

Haakon VII and Wilhelm II

Keiser Wilhelm II and King Haakon VII of NorwayThis picture (1909) shows Kaiser Wilhelm II with King Haakon of Norway. King Haakon of Norway (1872 – 1957), formerly Prince Carl of Denmark pictured talking with Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and the Norwegian Prime Minister, Michelsen in 1909. The Kaiser and King Haakon were related by marriage – Haakon s wife was Princess Maud of Great Britain and a cousin of the Kaiser. Norway remained neutral during World War I.